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EDF Renewables and Clean Power Alliance sign PPA for Desert Quartzite solar + storage project


EDF Renewables North America (EDFR) and Clean Power Alliance (CPA) announced the signing of a 15-year PPA for the Desert Quartzite Solar-plus-Storage project. The project, consisting of a 300-MWAC solar project coupled with a 600-MWh battery energy storage system (BESS), is expected to begin delivery of clean electricity to CPA’s customers throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in February 2024. The CPA Board of Directors approved the long-term contract during its September meeting.

The Desert Quartzite Solar-plus-Storage Project is located on unincorporated land in Riverside County, California, administered by the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM designated this area as a Solar Energy Zone (SEZ) and Development Focus Area, land set aside for utility-scale renewable energy development. The project will utilize horizontal single-axis tracking solar PV technology; and is expected to create more than 800 construction jobs.

By coupling the solar facility with an energy storage solution, electricity produced during peak solar hours can be dispatched later in the day, thereby creating a balance between electricity generation and demand. Energy storage can further smooth electricity prices and provide grid stability in an environmentally friendly way.

“The clean reliable energy we will receive from the Desert Quartzite facility fits perfectly within our mission to improve the lives and environment of our customers and communities,” said Clean Power Alliance executive director Ted Bardacke. “Our Board has identified solar + storage as being key to our continued growth and a means to further improve reliability for our millions of customers. This project will also create many more green jobs here in Southern California.”

News item from EDF Renewables North America

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